Thursday, 12 January 2012


BRIEF:  Completely renovate, furnish and decorate two bedroom property in East London.

Construction Notes:
- Remove wall separating hallway from living area to create an open plan living area
- Remove ensuite bathroom to create one large bathroom and built-in wardrobe for master bedroom.
- Expose brick on back wall in master bedroom and whitewash
- Remove partition to provide more space for kitchen area



My favourite aspect of this project was the original hardwood flooring, as you can see from the before & after, it was in pretty rough shape.  We had a specialist come in and refinish the floors, but left all of the original warping and indentations.  The idea was to highlight the existing architectural details, drawing warmth from the flooring and exposed brick.  The furniture was chosen to maintain the open feeling of the space, with nothing anchored to the floor.

In the master bedroom we exposed the brick on the back wall and whitewashed it to maintain the clean minimal space the client wanted for his sleeping space.

The bathroom is the most dramatic change, with everything completely removed and replaced.  See before and after images at DesignSponge*  and Houzz

The previous owners were using the small spare bedroom as a walk in closet area, but we wanted to make this a functional home office and guest bedroom.  This was achieved by getting rid of the extra unnecessary second bathroom to make room for a built-in wardrobe for the master bedroom.

houzz interior design ideas

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Brief:  Fully furnish and style property in Notting Hill, West London for photoshoot and subsequent sale


BRIEF:  Completely renovate, furnish & style one bedroom property in West London.

Construction Notes:
- Remove wall enclosing kitchen area
- Remove old hot water heater etc. in bedroom wardrobe
- Utilise dead space between bath and bedroom for larger shower
- Move bathroom door to accommodate better layout
- Replace existing floor with hardwood throughout


The challenging aspect of this project was the size. This was tackled by opening up the floor plan of the common rooms and keeping the colour palette clean.  The results were dramatic, transforming the claustrophobic spaces into one bright and open area.